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Providing well-being programmes for primary schools in the Thames-Coromandel and Hauraki, and presence-based 24-7 YouthWork within Thames High School.

Our youth work follows a Three-fold approach:

Fold One

Manahau Programmes

Our primary school well-being programmes that walk alongside young people and equip them with resilience and well-being strategies through adventure therapy. There are two forms of Manahau:

  • Res-Kids is focused on 12 students selected by teachers over eight weeks who would highly benefit from the programme.

  • Thrive is a full class variation that partners with the teacher throughout the programme.

Fold Two

24-7 Youth Work

Continued relational development with youth workers journeying with teenagers through the difficult high-school transition. 24-7 Youth Work is presence-based, within class-time and lunchtime. Youth Workers aim to engage students in their class-work, extra-curicculum and being present to chat and walk alongside them.

Fold Three

Building Community Capacity

Working with the key people in a young person's life. This is undertaken through well-being professional development for teachers and curriculum training and forums with parents. We connect closely with the community to see them continue to connect with their young people once we are out of the picture.